Tarrant County Courthouse Wedding

This rainy & romantic Tarrant County Courthouse Wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and I am so in love! Even though it rained, this sweet couple did not let it put a damper on their special day! They eloped in Fort Worth at the Tarrant County Courthouse, followed by portraits taken at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Tarrant County Courthouse Wedding
Tarrant County Courthouse Wedding photographed by Bethany Erin
The Planning Process

Crystal & Jacob contacted me in the early stages of planning their elopement in Fort Worth at the Tarrant County Courthouse – they were looking for images that were romantic but also classic and timeless. They were laid back and so much fun throughout their wedding day, which began at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in downtown Fort Worth where each of them got ready in their own separate suite.

It was important to them to have all of the details of their day documented, exactly as I would do on a full wedding day, so we made sure to allot enough time for photographing details such as rings, stationery (by Scribbles & Swirls), shoes, flowers (by Abelia Studio).

Crystal also wanted to lend a boudoir vibe to her getting ready photos, so she chose to wear a beautiful lace robe and matching body suit. I absolutely loved how they valued the creative aspect of what I do and still wanted to incorporate details and allow me to tell the full story of their Tarrant County Courthouse Wedding, rather than just have me take photos of the ceremony and portraits.

Ceremony & Suspense

Their ceremony at the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth was very heartfelt and every bit as meaningful as vows exchanged in front of a crowd, it was such an honor to be there to photograph these two committing their lives to one another.

As we left the Tarrant County Courthouse the sky looked very threatening and rain seemed imminent – we had the option to take photos on the spot, or we could chance the rain and make the short drive to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I left the decision up to them and they chose to take a chance!

As we drove across town the skies opened up and the rain came down in torrents. It wasn’t just a gentle drizzle, it was an absolute downpour. My heart was pounding as I wondered how I was going to possibly pull this off for them, and I just prayed that God would make a way because these photos were important!

At the Gardens

As we pulled into the gardens I motioned for them to follow me and I began to drive and look for a spot where we could seek out some slight shelter from the rain, because it was still coming down in buckets – when the row of live oak trees came into view I knew that was the spot, so we pulled over to park.

I grabbed both of my umbrellas and my camera and took my prettiest black, ruffled umbrella over to them and we crossed the street together. I held my umbrella with one hand and my camera in the other and we got down to it!

Thankfully the rain slowly began to let up and though you can still see it coming down in some of the photos, we were able to get some beautiful imagery with them under the oak trees holding the umbrella, as well as out in the open during a short window where the rain stopped altogether.

What I love most about this day…

To me, this rainy Fort Worth Elopement embodies all of the spontaneity and love that a wedding should have – when we hold on to an idea of perfection it adds a kind of pressure to the day that almost keeps us from living in the moment and enjoying whatever surprises may unfold. However, whenever we relax, trust that everything will happen exactly as it should and that whatever the day holds is sure to be amazing, I never cease to be amazed <3.

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